Fort Lauderdale Property Restoration

Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and inland bodies of water, severe weather and floods are an ever-present threat to Fort Lauderdale properties. Fort Lauderdale’s hot, humid climate has the risk of promoting the growth of mold and the spread of rot on your home or office’s interior. That is why J&R Restoration provides residents with affordable Fort Lauderdale Property Restoration.

Whether your home or office has experience some sort of damage due to fire, water or mold, our Fort Lauderdale Property Restoration team can remedy the damage and restore the value of your property. Our team specializes in restoring properties damaged by floods, kitchen fires, and mold.

Fort Lauderdale Water Damage Mitigation

Influxes of water inside of your property can compromise the health of your home, office and the people inside of it. Water can promote rot and the growth of mold, which can devalue your property and introduce toxic chemicals into your home’s atmosphere. Contact our Fort Lauderdale Property Restoration team and we’ll remedy the damage water has inflicted on your home.

Fort Lauderdale Fire & Smoke damage Services

Not only can fire and smoke inflict costly damage on your home, they can make areas of your home inhabitable. Our Fort Lauderdale Property Restoration team has the expertise required to restore damage areas of your commercial or residential property and rid you building of the smokey reminder of your property’s disaster.

Fort Lauderdale Mold Removal Services

In addition to creating respiratory problems, mold growth can weaken the walls and flooring inside of your home or office. Fort Lauderdale’s humid climate accelerates the growth of mold. However, our Fort Lauderdale Property Restoration responds quickly to your mold problems and we can completely rid your home or office of it.

Contact Us Now for Restoration Services in Fort Lauderdale

We service the Fort Lauderdale area 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Our staff of remediation technicians are trained, certified and equipped with the latest tools required for property restoration. Our team is available around the clock and we’ll respond to your property damage situation in an hour or less. We will coordinate with your local insurance provider. Give us a call now at  (561) 674-2332